Saturday, June 3, 2017

Friday, November 21, 2014

new material

We are currently working on new material..

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

live videos

Here are some live videos recorded recently with a sony pov camera and gopro. Edgar wears a chest strap and Linda records our live sets.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


    Hello fellow humans and transdimensional beings!  This is Mikey here, i'm posting the lyrics to the self titled tape we just put out on Obscene/Murdernoise records. Now you can sing along and point your dirty index fingers at us while doing so at our shows.  Here ya go;

     1. 808 -    (Mikey)         From the 808 to the west coast had to fade away like a ghost,                                                                                             but i'ma come back just to put it on blast and haunt ye olde Kailua town,
                               look what i found it's the grain of sand that'll never leave my skin
                            till i measure the wingspan-           of that giant metal bird
                              the air feels thick as the oldest blood,  yea it really slows me down
                            small town in the middle of the ocean,  learn to swim through all of the motions
                               now dont get me wrong,   sure it's beautiful to be cradled   by the mountains
                            and my friends that share a bond unbreakable,   but paradise     was killing me

    2. Mi Felicidad -    (Albert/Andres)     Te dicen por la calle que no vales nada, que eres un estorbo a esta humanidad
         te causa risa, te causa paz - no es mi culpa que tu vida, te caiga tan mal!
                                  Yo no quiero ser una persona como tu, criticando a todos los demas
                                  cuando pases por un espejo, mirate vien... no lo eres perfecto!
                                           Con tus reglas, y yo las mias - mi felicidad es tu rebendia   

    3. Playing House -  (Albert/Mikey)    Mama's busy, she gives no fucks   bout what you're doin, or where you been

                                        She's busy workin, she's busy cryin,   over a man,   a piece of shit
                                So you stop givin fucks, you run amuck,  robbing convenience stores,
                                       Bashing heads in,   become acquainted with the dark side, the only place
                                     where you fit in,       she tries to talk to you, but it's too late, you chose your
                                        colors, you shaved your head, you dont respect her, not anymore, not nobody,
                                    not in this world,    not in this fucking world
                           But the need, to create  instead of just destroy, becomes unavoidable, as you're
                                    staring straight at the void,  you made a choice to turn this all around, now you're
                                        hearing this sound so loud, it empties out your skull , making room, for that
                                   positive push-        puttin in that work, get the songs tight, real shit, get this crowd
                                        feeling right,    hear the sound so loud, empties out your skull, making room
                                     for that positive push (repeat)

    4. Progress -       (Albert)   Everyday i fade away, eat shit work it's all the same, living life on the edge
                             wanna live life with no regrets             everyday won't be the same, this time
                                  around, i'll get it straight
    5. Rather Figure -   You never showed me who you are,  nothing to look up to, had to be my own
  (Mikey)                       man,    i got some love for you , but i gotta make my own path,    there's no
                                 way in hell i'm gonna sit on my ass , you gave up on yourself, and watch the days
                                   go by, felt so trapped on that tiny little island, like lord of the flies,   maybe
                                     some day  the armor of your apathy will rust away          

    6. Soft Money -     Sorry you do not approve, y'all just do not qualify, credit checkin history,
  (Mikey)                       that's the shit we don't like,  office full of paper and ink, shapin the way the
                                  nation thinks, tie this weight around our wrists, swim with sharks try not to sink
                                      fuck, you wanna drag us down, to the depths of debt, and watch us drown
                                 like rats, racing to nowhere, treading water in a sea of numbers, and convoluted
                                     policies as they sell us straight anxiety, pyramid scheme of the all seeing eye
                                does freedom smell like money  burning in a pile?  how much would it really
                                  cost  to paint that smile on,  does freedom smell like money burning in a pile?
                                some of y'all would still chase the ash, long after the fire's gone

   7. Trapped Dragged Down -  I've been here before, the situation never levels, feeling hopeless,
 (Albert)                                         feel discouraged, what's my reason, is it worth it?  I'm so busy
                                                   trying, that i lose myself, losing focus , losing grip, trapped, dragged
                                                    down, this time will be different, this time around, i won't give in

echo park rising and perez tire shop hood bound

Sick'em will play at DieKrusin tonight at 730pm followed by JimmyParasite the homie. Also the flyer to tomorrow s gig at the tire shop.                                 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Here's our next show at the crash pad w Condition and others. And, a new logo - Andres

Monday, July 14, 2014

SICK'EM bandcamp

We uploaded two tracks on our bandcamp site. Download em for free ;)